A win for Veiled Secrets Reviews

Far be it for me to remain churlish in the face of grace. I got an email from Megan Bamford last night (owner of the Veiled Secrets Reviews site) and it is such an absolutely terrific email that I just have to reproduce it here:

I had your email address….

….because I’ve reviewed your books before for another site, seeing you wondered.

I do realize that you didn’t want me to contact you again however I just wished to thank you for your criticism.  Every comment or criticism no matter how it was intended is a useful tool that will allow me to improve the way that I do things.  As you pointed out I am only new at running a website of any kind and am very enthusiastic (what a nice thing to say!) if this has caused me to upset or offend you I’d like to apologize.

Also I’d like to correct your assumption that because you chose to give your feedback via your blog rather than through email or just biting your tongue that I’d get stupidly offended and refuse to review your books.  That is not the case.  However if it is your express desire that the site does not handle your books I will of course respect your wishes.

At this point, unless you contact me, you will not be hearing from me again until I contact you to notify you when a review is posted.

Thank you for your time.

Veiled Secrets Reviews
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Okay, Megan, if you like advice, here’s more. Why didn’t you TELL us you’d reviewed our work before? That would have personalised an otherwise horrendously spammy email. And, secondly, go easy on the selling in the introductory email. And, again, don’t ever ever put recipient’s email addresses in the CC fields ever again.

After the usual type of behaviour we’re all used to, I have to say that I’m very impressed with how Megan conducted herself, especially knowing just how acerbically grumpy I can get. Congratulations Megan and all the best for Veiled Secrets Reviews! (Although I’m still dubious about the name.)

One thought on “A win for Veiled Secrets Reviews

  1. Thank you once again. I’ll take all your advice on board.

    I was told by my old review site that I couldn’t use their name to promote my new site which is why I didn’t mention it in the initial email. I’m just to nice for words so I’m biting my tongue and doing as they asked. (read the owner scares the snot out of me)

    I’ve pulled all the sales out of the email and just left the promo stuff as per your advice on what authors are interested in although I did leave the hint of purchasable ads in the introductory paragraph. I’ll also use the BCC from now on it didn’t even occur to me that authors would mind other authors having their email addresses.

    If you think of anything else feel free to let me know, as I said I’m completely open to any advice.

    The name stays. It will grow on you in time I’m sure.