Linux Journal sucks!

I’m a geek girl. I love Linux. I subscribe to Linux magazines (although, due to budget constraints, only one at a time). Having been a Linux Journal subscriber for a little while, I decided that it was time for a change (to the European Linux Magazine), so I cancelled my subscription. Okay, here are the relevant facts:

  • Linux Journal is a US publication
  • I am an overseas subscriber
  • They know I’m an overseas subscriber, because I pay overseas subscription rates
  • I paid for my subscription using a credit card

After I cancelled the subscription, the refund for the period still outstanding came back as a cheque, drawn on a US bank!! As the very nice lady at the local bank told me, cashing a US cheque in Malaysia would be useless because the fees involved would actually exceed the cheque amount (USD16 approximately).

It’s not the amount, it’s the principle of the thing. If I purchased goods via a credit card, why can’t I be refunded in the same way? A US cheque smacks of nothing more than sheer arrogance. Live outside the country? Cancelling a subscription? Too damned bad!

The upshot of this is that I have a useless cheque and Linux Journal has essentially made a $16 profit off my subscription. If every other overseas subscriber is shafted in the same fashion, it can add up to some serious money and, meanwhile, Linux Journal tells us all to go whistle. I wasn’t aware of this aspect of the magazine before I cancelled, but now I’ll make sure to warn everyone off Linux Journal. It’s bad enough that we have to pay substantially extra to have our copies shipped to us overseas. To have to also put up with such meanspiritedness afterwards is just rubbing it in.

IN OTHER NEWS: I was blogging at Novel Spaces yesterday on Church and the atheist. And I got comments! Wow! Why not join in?

UPDATE: Rikki Kite was kind enough to drop me a line, pointing out that my link to Linux Magazine was wrong and actually points to another, web-only publication. Oops! Sorry, LM! Link has been corrected. I’m also more than happy to invite any other geek girls (and their admirers) out there to Rikki’s blog that highlights women in open source. It’s called ROSE BLOG and is here. Thanks Rikki!

4 thoughts on “Linux Journal sucks!

  1. So sorry for your LJ woes! I just looked up your account and see that our subscription fulfillment house no longer had your credit card on file for that particular subscription order (since the order was from 2008). I’m with you, a check drawn in U.S. funds can be useless to you in this case — if you’d like to ping me at the email address I left here, please do and I’ll make sure we take care of you.

    All my best,
    Carlie Fairchild, Publisher
    Linux Journal

  2. LOL – old blog, I don’t subscribe but I use to buy Linux Journal off the news rack 2 or 3 times a year until the news rack stopped carrying it, never really found anything useful in it for me personally but I suspect I’m not their target audience.

    I still occasionally grab it from bookstores just to read what is in it when I am bored but not in a mood for fiction.

  3. Tbh, it was more their Accounting dept that sucked rather than the mag itself. Having said that, however, we now subscribe to Linux Magazine and Linux Format and, for our needs, they meet the bill perfectly! Both come highly recommended.