New cover from TEB!

It’s Friday again, and time to kick back. A new cover arrived in the mail yesterday and — oh yes! — she is gorgeous!

This is for Total-E-Bound‘s Cougars & Cubs anthology, which is due for release sometime in May. (More details when they come to hand.) As I keep yammering on, this is the first anthology I’ve been part of and includes my story, Singapore Sizzle. Here’s the cover:

Cover for Cougars & Cubs Anthology

and here’s the blurb for Singapore Sizzle:

Sophie Woodward moved to Singapore with her banker husband, Tim. But that was years ago. When they got divorced, Tim moved back to the UK and Sophie decided to craft a new life in the modern Asian metropolis.

The problem is, things haven’t turned out the way she hoped. Although she has a rewarding career, she’s restless, wondering if this is as good as life gets.

Cajoled into attending a masquerade ball for charity, Sophie meets a charming stranger and spends the night indulging in hot steamy sex with him. The problem comes when he wants to see more of her, and Sophie has to confront her own insecurities. After all, she’s ten years his senior. Is there any hope for a relationship between them? Or was the sizzle a mere flash in the pan?

Adrian Pereira, the young stud of the story, is Portuguese Eurasian. The Portuguese Eurasians came into being soon after Admiral d’Albuquerque sailed into Malacca (Melaka) in 1511. Unlike a lot of the other colonial powers, the Portuguese encouraged mixed marriages with the locals, and that’s where my race came from.

Hmmmm. Race. That’s a bit of a difficult word. Of the people who call themselves Portuguese Eurasians, you’ll see a complete gamut from ones indistinguishable from Chinese, to ones indistinguishable from Indian, to others who look like they come from the Mediterranean or Latin America. So maybe I should call the Portuguese Eurasians a cultural group rather than a race. I’ll talk a little bit more about them, er, us next week but — in the meantime — have a good weekend.

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