Hello from soggy #Malaysia

We’re firmly in the grip of the big monsoon at the moment. That means daily thunderstorms. We wouldn’t mind so much but we have to run around like headless chickens switching off routers, machines, appliances and making sure all the appropriate windows are closed. It’s getting so that even the tiling in our courtyard is soggy! (joke)

The upside is that it’s now in the mid-20s during the night and only gets up to around 30/31 Celsius during the day. Once February and the “dry season” has us firmly in its grasp, it’s going to get worse.

Occasionally, we toodle around our part of the state and are noticing that high-rise buildings are being thrown up at a phenomenal rate. Legoland was full to the brim all of December but, now that the kids have gone back to school, is nearing empty. You know what this means? Yep, time for us to go there! Here’s another advantage of homeschooling…you get to vacation whenever you want!

When we first moved to Johor and stopped at a traffic roundabout, I could almost guarantee that three other trucks/twin-cabs would also be waiting with us. In the four years since then, things have changed. While there are still a number of trucks around, we’re more likely to rub shoulders with BMWs, Audis and Mercedes-Benzs. I’m a bit disappointed because I liked the “frontier” air of our old part of Johor. That, and the fact that the drivers in the more expensive cars are completely obnoxious. Money rules, eh?

Speaking of vacations, I’ve always thought that the “loading” of extra charges during vacation periods is completely unjustified. You stay in a no-doubt crowded place with worse service (due to harried staff), hurriedly prepared food and chaotically milling crowds and you have to pay EXTRA for this??!! Makes no sense to me.

On the writing front, January will see a bumper THREE releases! (Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen again.) By the end of the month, readers should be able to choose from:

The Sandal Press 2012 Sampler: I said in a previous blog post that it would probably come to about 70,000 or so words. Wrong! It’s over 90,000, includes the full copy of THE CHECK YOUR LUCK AGENCY and is completely free.

The Night of the Pontianak: The fourth, and penultimate, episode in the Check Your Luck series.

Collateral Damage: An attempt to get back to my roots; in this case, erotic sf romance. This one is novelette-length and will also be completely free.

The hold-up on all three releases is at my end as it takes time to format each book, but I’m hoping that at least two out of the three will be available by the 20th of this month. More details when the books are actually out in the wild. And I’m also waiting to release those books before I put out the next Sandal Press newsletter, so there’s time for you to sign up if you haven’t already.

So, as you can see, I didn’t really take a vacation, although I did grab a day here and there. What about you, stalwart reader? Did you take a big hunk o’ time to decompress or are you more like me and snatching a little as circumstances dictate?

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