Nothing of import to report

There are several topics I could cover but the truth is, I’m too busy writing at the moment and I don’t want to break it. Heaven knows, the schedule gets broken up enough as it is with home-schooling, tuition classes, music lessons, language lessons, cooking for the family, and so on and so forth. So, this week, with the choice of spending a couple of hours putting a blog post together versus spending a couple of hours in the home run of FIVE CARD DRAW, JINN ARE HIGH (the last in the Check Your Luck series), I’m going to go with FIVE CARD DRAW.

I hear the Superbowl was on recently. The kids and I trawled through quite a few of the Superbowl ads on YouTube but really weren’t impressed with any of them. Considering the money that goes into getting a 30-second slot, we were all expecting some blockbusters. Hope things turn out better next year. And no, we didn’t know who was playing or even who won, although I hear there was a half-hour blackout or something.

And that’s it. Have a good weekend and I hope I have something more substantial for you next week.

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